News and Observer Letter to the Editor : Transit plan would help disabled, poor

Many of Wake County’s one million-plus residents don’t drive because they are elderly, too young, have a disability or can’t afford a car. 

As a millennial who has a disability, I rely on public transportation to get to work, the grocery store, community events, parks, the doctor and more. Transit provides an essential service for providing mobility, access and opportunity to jobs and community connection. 

Having moved to Wake County from New York City, transit is the one area that keeps me wondering if I made the right decision to relocate.


Shouldn’t our community be moving forward to improve public transportation instead of accepting the current inefficient bus system? 

This election, I’m voting for the public transportation referendum at the end of the Wake County ballot because it will triple bus service, increase frequency, build more bus shelters and create commuter rail. 

More public transportation gives me and countless others more freedom and mobility. Better transit provides dignity to those who have limited options, strengthens our community and improves everyone’s quality of life.

The News and Observer letter to the editor written by Alexandra McArthur, October 24th 2016