The Plan

Wake County is growing—and fast. In fact, Wake County grows by 64 people every day. To be prepared for the future, we have to build a modern public transportation system that relieves traffic congestion, grows our economy, and provides new and better transportation options for everyone.

Modern Public Transportation for our Modern County 

New infrastructure can’t be built overnight, so we’ve got to get started today to meet tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why Wake County citizens have worked with government, private sector, and university leaders to develop the Wake County Transit Plan.

This November, voters will have the opportunity to vote to make public transportation a reality. Please vote for the referendum at the END of your ballot!

The 10-year Wake County Transit Plan will: 

  • Triple bus service in just the first few years, connecting every town in the county.
  • Build a frequent “Bus Rapid Transit” network in high-traffic areas that will incorporate dedicated bus lanes, level boarding platforms, and other enhanced features that improve the speed and quality of service.
  • • Create a new commuter rail line that will efficiently utilize preexisting tracks to provide a backbone of passenger train service across the county, enabling people to completely avoid daily road traffic congestion.

  • Expand the frequent network (every 15 minutes) from 17 miles to 83 miles. All service will be be expanded to 19 hours a day. 


Why Transit?

        • Relieve Traffic Congestion
          Something must be done to address the growing traffic congestion in our region, and building more roads can’t be the only answer. Even if you choose not to ride the bus or the train, others will, which means you’ll spend less time on the road and more time at work or with your family. The Transit Plan could take more than one million miles of travel off of our roads every day by offering people attractive alternatives to driving. More than 50% of homes and 70% of jobs will be within half a mile of a transit stop across the county, so you’ll have a convenient connection close to you.

        • A Stronger Economy.
          Good transit options are a high priority for young professionals and top employers. To remain competitive and improve access to job opportunities, we must have a modern public transportation system. Plus, the most up-to-date calculations show that for every $1 that taxpayers invest in transit, another $1 will come into the county through federal and state investment, and from tourism revenues. Transit will encourage retail growth across the county, helping revitalize downtowns and spur healthy business development.

        • Better Quality of Life.
          Older and young residents alike will have expanded access to healthcare, education, entertainment, and jobs. Transit helps create walkable and therefore healthier communities, that also enjoy better air quality. By linking Wake locations with the entire Triangle region, the Plan will connect people with an even wider array of jobs and amenities.


How was the Wake County Transit Plan developed?

This is truly our community’s plan. For more than a year, Wake County citizens and representatives from local universities, hospitals, businesses, every Wake County municipality, civic groups, and the Wake County Public School System helped develop a plan that reflects the priorities of our entire county.

Wake County government conducted hundreds of community listening sessions, received thousands of survey responses, polled current transit riders, and advertised the Plan’s development to hundreds of thousands of residents. With the help of world-renowned transportation expert Jarrett Walker, Wake County ultimately developed a comprehensive transit plan. Finally, on June 6, 2016, the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the plan and put it on the ballot this election.

Durham and Orange County voters already passed their pieces of the Triangle plan and now it’s Wake County’s turn. Please support the Plan by voting “FOR” the public transportation referendum at the END of your ballot this November! Find more information about voting and poll locations here.