WRAL: Raleigh crews continue work on Amtrack, GoRaleigh transit stations

Crews will be busy this summer on two momentous transportation projects in downtown Raleigh: a new Amtrak station and a renovated GoRaleigh Transit station.

Next year, trains will be rolling through Union Station, a $55 million project that also includes GoRaleigh bus service.

Just six blocks away, the city is spending $7 million to renovate the Moore Square GoRaleigh Transit station.

“Our transit system, especially with the Wake County transit plan, is expected to grow significantly,” said Raleigh transit administrator, David Eatman.

Eatman says the renovation at Moore Square will add bus capacity, but it may not be enough in the future.

Raleigh’s new Amtrak station, Union Station, will be a second bus hub, which will allow people to transfer between GoRaleigh and GoTriangle busses.

“As the system grows in the future, we think that station's going to be a very important part of where do those buses go,” Eatman said.

Bill King, of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, says a bigger public transit system, especially a major facility like Union Station, is good for the progression of the city.

“To me, it's an important step in Raleigh becoming a bigger city and really a world class city,” King said.

Wake County voters will decide on a half-cent sales tax increase in November, which would fund the county’s $2.3 billion transit plan.

The county’s plan would also add a commuter rail between Garner and Durham.

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